Boogeyman seed ritual – Minecraft

Finally got to this.

Welcome back readers!  I had an earlier post elaborating on the Boogeyman seed in Minecraft.  This seed is a quite popular one to explore, with the mystery that surrounds it, the odd structures, and the said entity that haunts it – the Boogeyman himself.

This entity has many sightings, though they may be fake.  Personally, I have always wanted to know if this is a major trick… or something else!  Now, onto the ritual.

This is only one ritual of a lot that are said to work.  This video by Dark Corners shows how to perform it.  It’s very easy – build a small hut (he used mossy cobble), put a bed in the top-middle, and put a circle of redstone around all of the house.

In the video, the first day and night are normal.  He does comment on the weird cobble structures – they resemble tombstones to him.

The second night one the seed, he goes to sleep – right before his eyes close he hears breaking glass.  When he wakes up he turns to see one of the glass panes in his window gone.  What could it mean?  Have you experienced something mysterious on this seed?  Have you tried this ritual?  Comment below!

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